Air – Hand Painted Mirror


Air is essential for our survival, and our breathe can say so much about our state of health. When we are relaxed and healthy we can breathe fully and deeply, carrying the oxygen deep within our bodies to nourish all the cells and processes that utilise the breathe of life.  When we are stressed or fearful our breathe can become shallow and rapid, starving out body of the nourishment it needs.  Sometimes we have been holding onto stress or fear for so long that we can no longer identify that our breathe has become shallow and rapid.  This mirror reminds you to slow down and breathe deeply and fully.  Remember to use your breathe as a barometer of your wellness, to check in and see where in your body you are holding tension, fear and unease. As you continue to breathe fully and deeply hold gratitude in your heart for the plants and trees in nature who provide the clean, nourishing air your body requires for survival and understand the connection between your life and the life of the planet. The timber on this mirror was lovingly hand painted and is protected with a clear gloss sealant. 25cm hand painted mirror ready to hang.

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