The Heart of Te Fiti


Come what may, I know the way! Separate from the Disney story, Tafiti in Polynesian languages can be loosely translated to ‘faraway place’.  The spiral or Koru is a Maori symbol which represents new life, growth, strength and peace.  The use of the colours blue, aqua and teal are a nod to the beautiful and powerful cleansing properties of our oceans and waterways.  This rock was created from a love of my own Aboriginal Culture and my son’s Maori culture.  The strength that comes from knowing the power of our ancestry and the might of Mother Nature are inseparable. When we remember our innate connection to the Earth and we follow our intuition we become limitless in what we are able to accomplish.  The Heart of Te Fiti reminds us to be brave and trust that we know the way forward.  We move through this world on the shoulders of those who have come before us, their love and encouragement fuel our ability to manifest our best lives. Hand poured artist gypsum adorned with dot-work and protected with gloss sealant. Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm

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