Peacock Orb


Mystery and Intrigue, what does Peacock mean to you? Peacocks are a beautiful majestic creature whose feathers are captivating and yet can evoke awe in some and dread in others.  In some cultures peacock indicates the arrival soon of rain.  In others the ‘eye’ shape of their tail feathers represent all seeing eyes, and bring the wearer protection from harmful energy or misfortune. For me, peacocks represent healthy pride and confidence.  If you have worked hard to accomplish something difficult you should celebrate your success and share your news with the world.  This rock reminds us to acknowledge our achievements in life and share the steps taken to get there with others so that they too may benefit from what we have learned.  But we must be careful to balance our pride with not being too boastful or arrogant.  Peacock teaches us how to master these emotions and shows us how to stay humble within our pride. Hand poured gypsum rock adorned with intricate dot-work and protected with clear gloss sealant. Size 9cm x 6cm.

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