Water – Hand Painted Mirror


Water is one of our most precious treasures.  In Australia much of the land is dry and arid, when the rains arrive the landscapes can change dramatically.  If we don’t look after Country properly water can also be a dangerous adversary.  Drought can be quickly replaced by floods and the bounty of nature can be just as easily taken away with a dramatic storm or other unexpected weather event. This mirror is painted to honour the power of water, and to remind you as you gaze into its midst what are your treasures and what are your dangerous parts? When you learn to value yourself and also how to harness the power of those dangerous parts and channel that energy into something constructive rather than destructive your life will begin to truly flow like water. Free and Strong.  The timber on this mirror was lovingly hand painted and is protected with a clear gloss sealant. 25cm hand painted mirror ready to hang.

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